Taking the Numb out of Numbers

Don FraserDon Fraser

Professor Emeritus

Mathematics Education

University of Toronto

Don Fraser, internationally sought-after speaker and twice voted Teacher-of-the-Year, shares his humor and experience in teaching math to young students.

Professor Fraser has delivered inspiring and motivational talks at conferences across North America ranging from California to Newfoundland and from Alaska to Florida.


Taking the Numb out of Numbers , Don Fraser
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224 pages
ISBN: 978-1-895997-08-8


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Taking the Numb out of Numbers

by Don Fraser is a book that will delight you and your students alike. It's fun, it's informative and it helps build the mathematical literacy that's so important in today's world.
Your students will read, draw inferences and solve math problems in the context of interesting everyday events presented in news clips, articles and cartoons. They will be referred to web sites that contain interesting sports and television viewing data as well as such important trivia as the percent of M&M's that are brown.
This treasury of mathematical gems has been gathered by Don from teachers and students across the continent and is presented here in his inimitable style – a style that continues to delight audiences everywhere.
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“This book is a treasure for teachers who are trying to help their students see mathematics as a powerful way of reasoning about the world.”

–Glenda Lappan

Michigan State University


“We loved how the open problems generated lots of great defending-my-answer debates. The kids really got into it, and missed recess because they got so carried away.”

–Karen Ramirez-Clark

Baldwin Park Unified School District, Baldwin, CA



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