Mathematical Mosaic

Ravi VakilRavi Vakil

Professor of Mathematics Stanford University
  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow
  • AMS Centennial Fellow
A Mathematical Mosaic
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288 pages
ISBN: 978-1-895997-28-6


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In this exciting book, A Mathematical Mosaic, Ravi Vakil, a preeminent winner of International Mathematics Olympiads, develops some powerful problem-solving ideas underpinning the major branches of mathematics and weaves them into a mosaic that reveals their interconnections.
The mathematics is presented at the level of the capable high school mathematics student, but there is much substance for the advanced undergraduate and the intelligent lay reader. You will find this book an invaluable source of enrichment problems and ideas.
The style is informal, friendly, and often humorous. In this book, Professor Vakil profiles seven other mathematics olympiad winners including Noam Elkies, the youngest professor to achieve tenure at Harvard.

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"[A Mathematical Mosaic] is a collection of wonderful topics from number theory through combinatorics to game theory, presented in a fashion that seventh- and eighth-grade students can handle yet high school students will find challenging."

John Cocharo, Saint Mark's School of Texas, Dallas, TX

(from a review in the Mathematics Teacher)

"A wonderfully lively and refreshing introduction to selected topics in number theory, combinatorics, geometry, infinity, complex numbers and calculus. Excellent off-beat material for serious students, written by a double IMO gold medallist."

Review from The Mathematical Olympiad Handbook, by A. Gardiner, 1997.



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