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Gene LandrumGene Landrum

Gene Landrum, Ph.D., is a high-tech start-up specialist who teaches and lectures on the creative personality, innovation, and the Promethean temperament.
He created Chuck E. Cheese, the popular family-oriented restaurant chain with over 400 locations, teaches at the International College in Naples, Florida, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows. Entrepreneurial Genius is Gene Landrum's ninth book.
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Entrepreneurial Genius, Gene Landrum
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In his latest book, Entrepreneurial Genius: The Power of Passion, Gene N. Landrum, Ph.D., reveals in a light and entertaining style, his Twelve Laws of Entrepreneurial Genius.
From a cast of 50 charismatic entrepreneurs, Landrum selects a dozen, including Sam Walton, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump and Hugh Hefner, whom he profiles in some depth. In these profiles, he shows the steps in their climb to success and the personality traits and practices that propelled them to this pinnacle.
Do You Have What it Takes
To Be an Entrepreneur?
Attendees at Landrum’s lectures often ask how they can determine whether they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. To anticipate this need, Dr. Landrum has included a self-assessment exercise for measuring one’s entrepreneurial propensity. For those with an inclination to entrepreneurship, there is a chapter that provides guidance on the challenges and techniques in launching a new venture.



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