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Investigating Calculus with the TI-92 – 96 pages
Investigating Statistics with the TI-92– 96 pages
Investigating Advanced Algebra with the TI-92– 96 pages


Journal Reviews
"At its best, technology allows students to explore and discover mathematical concepts to aid in their understanding. These books provide a wide variety of engaging activities that can help students learn mathematical concepts with the TI-92. Students and teachers will enjoy throughout these books the historical vignettes and cartoons that motivate, enlighten, and entertain. The pages are filled with stories, applications, mathematical discussion, examples, solutions, exercises, and investigations. With or without the [graphing calculator], students-can benefit from the wealth of connections that are made in bringing historical perspective and modern technology together in solving interesting problems. Keying sequences guide students through the TI-92 menus while the accompanying discussion develops the mathematics."

"These books bring a human dimension to the study of mathematics while showcasing how technology makes interesting problems accessible to students. With so much to offer, they will certainly help students master concepts and learn about the power of the TI-92."
– from a review in the Mathematics Teacher, vol.91, #7 p. 635, 638.



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